Cries From The Cross

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A Journey into the Heart of Jesus

“Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” The obvious answer to this question is no, since the crucifixion took place centuries ago. However, Pastor Lutzer argues that we were, in fact, there—for it was on the cross that we were redeemed.

The heart of Jesus is revealed through His last words on the cross. Through the exposition of these sayings, Pastor Lutzer helps us to better understand the words of Bonhoeffer: “it is not before us, but before the cross that the world trembles.” 

Poster for A Cry Of Pardon

A Cry Of Pardon

Jesus began and ended His earthly ministry in prayer. And His last prayer on Earth were the words of our own deliverance. 

Poster for A Cry Of Assurance

A Cry Of Assurance

The two thieves crucified with Jesus represent the division of the human race: those who look to Christ for salvation, and those who don’t.

Poster for A Cry Of Compassion

A Cry Of Compassion

The closer we get to the cross, the more sense of responsibility we should have, and the better we should see ourselves.

Poster for A Cry Of Submission

A Cry Of Submission

Jesus sets the example of how we should die: in the presence of God and with the protection of God.