Chiseled by the Master's Hand

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Lessons from the Life of Peter

Just as the hand of a sculptor works gently and patiently to shape a common stone into a beautiful work of art, so God works in our lives to conform us to the image of His Son. Through the life of Peter we see a stunning example of the transforming power of God. 

Poster for Renamed by Christ

Renamed by Christ

When you admit who you are and what your sins are, Jesus can change you.

Poster for Following the Right Leader

Following the Right Leader

We can fish in the most improbable places, at the most inappropriate times, and even among impossible people.

Poster for While Walking on Water, I Sank

While Walking on Water, I Sank

Often, in the midst of the will of God, at the very moment that we’re in obedience to Christ, the greatest storms of life encompass us.

Poster for Nowhere Else to Go

Nowhere Else to Go

Jesus alone has the words of eternal life. No one else has any answers. Whatever your need may be, the answer is found in Christ.

Poster for The Cost of Avoiding the Cross

The Cost of Avoiding the Cross

The cross of Christianity is not an ornament. It’s a reality, and it should be a reminder of what God has done for us.

Poster for Togetherness With Christ

Togetherness With Christ

The needs of people and the glory of Christ are linked together. Our greatest need is to have faith that He can and will supply our needs.

Poster for Living Clean in a Dirty World

Living Clean in a Dirty World

Until we see and admit our sinfulness—until Christ has cleansed us on the inside—we’re dirty no matter how wonderful we look on the outside.

Poster for From Regret to Restoration

From Regret to Restoration

On the night of Jesus’ betrayal, Peter boasted too much, prayed too little, acted too soon, followed too far, and thought too late.

Poster for The New Peter

The New Peter

Christ knows who you are; Christ knows who you can be; and Christ has the power to transform you.

Poster for The Shadow of Peter

The Shadow of Peter

It’s a transformed life that touches and helps people in their walk with God.

Poster for Freedom in Prison

Freedom in Prison

If the trials and prisons of life take us into the darkest times of our lives, God is with us. He will never abandon us.

Poster for The Legacy of One Life

The Legacy of One Life

Be faithful where God has planted you. Serve Christ every single day. Your faithfulness will meet you again and be multiplied by God.