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Sermon Series

Back To Basics

The Book Of Philippians

Rev. Philip Miller

To live a joyous Christian life, filled with the fruit of the Spirit, we must get back to the core disciplines—the basics—of the Gospel. In this series of messages on the book of Philippians, Pastor Miller takes us back to the basics of what it means to be an authentic, servant-hearted Christian and shows us how God intends to grow us into the image of His Son, that we might share in His glory and joy forever.


Sermon 02

The Basics Of Life

September 26, 2021

Christ is our reason for rejoicing, our purpose in living, and our meaning in suffering.

Sermon 04

The Basics Of Community

October 17, 2021

The person you will become is directly linked with the heroes you admire and the friendships that you cultivate.

Sermon 05

The Basics Of Identity

October 24, 2021

Is your identity durable? Is it solid, unshakable, lasting, glorious, even everlasting?

Sermon 07

The Basics Of Peace

November 14, 2021

All of our conflict can be traced to a common root, which is frustrated desires.

Sermon 08

The Basics Of Giving

November 21, 2021

The truly rich prize the eternal value of God’s Word and God’s people.

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