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Rebuilding The Foundations

Genesis displays God’s original design for the family.  And God provides grace through Jesus Christ for our families which inevitably fall short.

Blog Post

The Roots and Weeds of Narcissism: Lynn Roush and Pastor Lutzer

Dr. Erwin Lutzer was recently interviewed by Lynn Roush, LPC on the topic of narcissism—what narcissism is and how to spot it. Lynn is one of the hosts of the podcast With You In The Weeds and she is Dr. Lutzer’s daughter. In two insightful episodes, part of a mini-series called “Managing Difficult People,” they discuss narcissism from a psychological and biblical perspective, providing clarity and crucial information if we find ourselves entangled with a difficult person in our lives. Below is a summary of a portion of Lynn’s interview with Pastor Lutzer: What is the driving force of narcissistic … Read More >

Sermon Series

Strength For The Journey

In this series of messages, Pastor Lutzer opens a window into the life and experience of Abraham. In the process, he answers the question of whether God’s promise of the land and the seed should be applied to Ishmael or Isaac—a controversy that divides the Middle East to this day. …


The Roots Of Rage

Every arrow—every attack on someone—is an arrow that pierces the heart of Jesus.


A Glimpse Behind The Curtain

Those who don’t want to believe the Word of God seek comfort in the devices of Satan. Reincarnation and channeling are just two of them.

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