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Information about D.L. Moody, The Moody Church and its history, as well as information about various pastors and staff associated with Mr. Moody and The Moody Church.

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Reviving the Legacy of D.L. Moody in New England

Times have changed! Today I stood at two historic places in American religious history. The first was in Northampton, Massachusetts, at the church of the 18th century evangelist Jonathan Edwards, who is known for his message, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” And the second was at the grave of the 19th century evangelist D.L. Moody, buried in Northfield, Massachusetts. Although these evangelists were very different, they both preached to large crowds the same Gospel of salvation from sin. Whole cities were affected through their faithful preaching. Today, Edward’s church is an “affirming” church which long ago changed … Read More >

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God Directed Arrows

He was a member of a church but not a Christian. Sad to say, the drink habit had gotten the best of him. Naturally his wife remonstrated but seemingly to no avail. He became tired of her nagging, as he called it. He stood upon the front porch of their home with his grip packed. “Good-bye,” said he, “you are saying good-bye to this man for the last time.” His wife replied, “Good-bye, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The latter remark clearly indicated that when sober he was a very kind person but when intoxicated, like multitudes of others, he … Read More >

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Warren Wiersbe: A Tribute

Photo: Four Senior Pastors of The Moody Church. From left to right, Erwin Lutzer, Alan Redpath, George Sweeting, Warren Wiersbe. Dr. Warren Wiersbe, known as “the pastor’s pastor” and a trusted Bible teacher and writer, died yesterday in Lincoln, Nebraska at the age of 89. Most people will remember him for his many books—at least 150—while others will remember him for his solid, practical Bible teaching on the Back to the Bible radio program, or his seminars on Sermon Preparation at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Dallas Theological Seminary. The list of his accomplishments is long. Wiersbe was a wordsmith … Read More >

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Running to Win Goes Spanish!

Moody Church Media is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with TWR to produce Running to Win in Spanish. Please see the full press release from TWR below. Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s popular radio ministry Running to Win is expanding internationally as it deepens its longtime collaboration with TWR. In a move that is groundbreaking for Lutzer and the Moody Church Media ministry he leads, TWR (Trans World Radio) will translate and culturally contextualize Running to Win into Spanish and then rerecord the program using a native speaker. The 15-minute program, which runs five days a week, will be … Read More >

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June 1908 Heart to Heart Talk

The time for open air work has come. Are you ready for it? The Bible you love is an open air book. The great revival under Ezra began in the open air, as from his pulpit of wood he read the Scriptures and expounded their meaning. The angels gave a snatch of heaven’s music and announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds in the open air. Christ preached His greatest sermon in the open air and proclaimed the gospel to the woman by Jacob’s well in the open air. Most of His miracles and teaching took place in the … Read More >