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Information about D.L. Moody, The Moody Church and its history, as well as information about various pastors and staff associated with Mr. Moody and The Moody Church.


Pastor Wiersbe Resigns

In a letter to the Board of Elders dated Sunday, May 7, 1978, Pastor Wiersbe submitted his resignation as Senior Minister of The Moody Church. The letter stated in part: “I feel the Lord would have me engage in a wider ministry of Bible conference teaching and writing. Let me state clearly and sincerely that my decision is not because of any problems in the church…Be sure of my continued support of The Moody Church ministry. My family and I plan to retain our membership at The Moody Church and stand behind the work there…” He indicated his last speaking … Read More >


Greetings From London

I wish to convey greeting to all who are gathered in the name of our Lord Jesus for the great annual Missionary Convention of the Moody Memorial Church [sic]. I wish to convey special greeting to the pastor of that great church, who, but a short time ago, ministered in one of London’s live churches. I believe that it is a special manifestation of spiritual concern that has brought you together again this year in the interest of world missions. Surely this is the spiritual outreach of a church that is led by the Spirit of God. Although we are, … Read More >


The Gipsy's Testimony

Letter from Rodney “Gipsy” Smith that appeared in The Moody Church News, September 1942. Dr. and Mrs. Riley have asked for a word of greeting for the readers of their monthly paper. I wish I knew the very word that would be helpful both to the persons who in the meetings of the recent campaign were helped by the Holy Spirit to take Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and to those who were led by the same Spirit to seek a deeper spiritual experience, and also to seek the equipment of power for service. Remember, “All is yours, since … Read More >


How Dr. James M. Gray Found Christ

I was a member of a Christian household, and brought up in a Christian family—nominally so, at least. My life as a boy was moral and obedient, and I regularly attended church. At fourteen years of age, when I knew “the creed, the Lord’s prayer, and the ten commandments” I was “confirmed in the most holy faith” by a Bishop of my church; and was taught in my Catechism that I had then become “a child of God, a member of Christ, and an inheritor of the Kingdom of Heaven.” But this I do not now believe, nor have I … Read More >


The Challenge Of A Metropolitan Church

The geographical location of a metropolitan church undoubtedly means that it faces peculiar difficulties which are not so prominent in the life of a fellowship whose members live within the immediate radius of the church building. Nevertheless, there are basic principles of church testimony which apply regardless of any geographical location. For a metropolitan community to become no more than a preaching station in which a large number of people assemble to listen to a preacher and to be spectators of a program, rather than to be personally committed to the task of evangelism, is to spell the doom of … Read More >


Finally, Brethren, Farewell!

This is my last message in The Moody Church News as Senior Pastor of the church. I want to use Paul’s words in the last chapter of 2 Corinthians as the basis for this message. Of course, I must point out that the conditions in the Corinthian church do not parallel those in The Moody Church! How I praise God for the unity of heart and the devotion to the Word that we have in our fellowship. But the spiritual principles Paul deals with do apply to us, just as they did to the believers in Corinth. In Paul’s “farewell … Read More >


Dwight L. Moody Is Dead

The New York TimesDecember 23, 1899 DWIGHT L. MOODY IS DEAD Succumbs at His East Northfield (Mass.) Home to Overwork. HE MEETS HIS FATE CALMLY When the End Was Near He Said: “The World is Receding and Heaven Opening” East Northfield, Mass., December 22, 1899—With the words “God is calling me,” Dwight L. Moody, the Evangelist, died at his home here at noon to-day. His passing was as gentle as could be wished for. His family were gathered at his bedside, and the dying man’s last moments were spent in comforting them. Besides the family there were present also … Read More >


A New Story About Mr. Moody

Mr. John Langston, who, as a boy, remembers Mr. Moody’s first work in Chicago, and attended the North Market Street Sunday School, gave a very interesting description of Mr. Moody’s recruiting methods. He said: “It is something to be born again, and I found Jesus back in the Illinois Street mission through the instrumentality of my old teacher, George Roberts, who went home to Glory during this present year. I bless the day when George talked to me after school, and you teachers have a splendid opportunity, better than any pastor could have. “I want to go back to the … Read More >


One Way To Reach Men

After the financial depression the number of applicants for help at The Moody Church rapidly increased until, finally, a stream of people, principally men, was flowing in and out of the church doors from morning till night. Some of the cases of need were most touching and we began to pray much for God to show us how this sudden and special need could be met, and not only the bodily wants of these workless people relieved, but their need of Jesus Christ pointed out to them. Finally we were led to open the church every morning to give sober, … Read More >


In Memory of Our Beloved Dr. Philpott

On April 1, 1957, in his 92nd year, Dr. P.W. Philpott, former pastor of The Moody Church, was called home to be with the Lord. The news of Dr. Philpott’s passing was received with a deep sense of personal loss by all the members of The Moody Church. Though conscious of this loss, nevertheless, we do regard his homegoing as a glorious triumph and an hour of great victory. From the time that Dr. Philpott was saved as a young man of eighteen, the Lord directed his steps towards the Gospel ministry. From that early beginning until the very end … Read More >

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