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Running to Win - 25 Minutes

God, I've Lost Everything! Part 2

November 03, 2022

Part 2 of 2
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Sometimes, incredible turmoil breaks loose even upon godly people. Job’s great faith was sorely tested when he lost his children and his health. In this message, we reflect on three lessons for anyone facing the anguish of loss. When all has been taken from us, will we bless God or curse Him? 

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God, Why Me?

God, Why Me?

When tragedy strikes, we ask: “Why?” Let’s journey with Job, who cried out to God amid devastating grief. He lost his children, his possessions, and nearly lost his life. As Erwin Lutzer leads us through Job’s honest questions, we discover the God who is more mysterious than ever yet holding onto us through all the perplexities of our lives.