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The Light Shines In Rome Part 1

Part 1 of 2
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Paul was determined to go to Rome, even knowing it could be a one-way trip. He would take the Gospel to the highest levels of government, but en route, a shipwreck threatened to cut the journey short. In this message, Pastor Lutzer shares how this incredible story unfolds and how it should embolden our own faith.

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How The Gospel Sets Us Free

Transforming Truths from Galatians

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Do You Know the True Essence of the Gospel?

The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Galatians with one primary purpose in mind: to defend the true Gospel of Christ from distortion. Walking us through the book of Galatians, Pastor Lutzer reminds us that any time we add to the Gospel, we are contaminating and corrupting its purity. But do we know the one true Gospel? 

As we are led through Paul’s letter, Pastor Lutzer calls us to understand the authentic, unaltered Gospel, its implications for us, and how we can enjoy our freedom in Christ.

Just published in 2019, this paperback contains 54 pages and can be yours for a gift of any amount.