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What the Serpent Wants From You Part 2

Part 2 of 2
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Satan wants us to think he has godlike powers. But God wants us to see that Satan is on a short leash. Satan cannot trip you up unless God gives permission. There is no heavenly conflict between equal powers of light and darkness. Our God is sovereign over the devil.

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God's Devil

Many Christians are oblivious to the devil and his schemes. Others look for him everywhere. All need to hear what God’s Devil has to say: that the devil roams about, but on God’s leash.

In God’s Devil, Erwin W. Lutzer takes us to those corners of Scripture we rarely consider. With surprising insights and potent quotes at every turn, God’s Devil will:

  • Teach you about Satan and his role in God’s plan for the world
  • Give you confidence in God’s eternal victory over Satan
  • Equip you to withstand Satan’s schemes

Martin Luther once said, “Even the devil is God’s devil.” So while this book is about Satan, it is even more about God’s sovereign power over him. Read it for wisdom, read it for peace, and read it for strength.

Dig deeper with the God’s Devil DVD and Study Guide.