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Running to Win - 15 Minutes

Power From The Dark Side Part 3

November 05, 2021

Part 3 of 4
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In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the King of Rohan has an aide always whispering cunning words of evil in his ear. His name is Gríma Wormtongue. In this mythical world, he fed the king lies. But false prophets are prevalent in the real world as well. These agents of the devil spread falsehoods about God. In this message, you’ll learn more characteristics of false prophets. 

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The Invisible World

Things are not what they appear to be. Behind the world of our senses—the world we see and touch—there is a spiritual universe that can only be explored by studying the Scriptures. This unseen world is inhabited by God, angels, and demons, and of course, we access this world through the human mind. These realities are investigated through the lens of Scripture with the goal of experiencing personal transformation. It’s in the invisible world where the real battles are lost or won.

This series contains 8 sermons on 4 CDs.