You Will Sit Next To The King Part 3

Think life’s tough for you? Just wait. Think you’ve always gotten the short end of life’s stick? Just wait. As a member of the body of Christ, your inheritance is earning interest r…
Monday, February 3

You Will Sit Next To The King Part 4

“The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then… joint heirs with Christ.” Romans 8 gives believers the riches of heaven despite being …
Tuesday, February 4

You Have Hope In Suffering Part 1

It’s tough to be optimistic when slogging through hard times. Some try to grin and bear it; others crack under the pressure. But Christians can have a different perspective—awaiting a fut…
Wednesday, February 5

You Have Hope In Suffering Part 2

As believers, we long to be free of the limitations and pains of this body. Suffering is a lot easier to bear when we have hope for a future day when all suffering will cease. That’s the hope P…
Thursday, February 6

You Have Hope In Suffering Part 3

Christians get socked by life’s reversals like anyone else. But there’s a crucial difference. Believers know they have a permanent home where no foreclosure is possible, and where all suf…
Friday, February 7

You Know He's Working For Your Good Part 1

Only a Christian can be certain that all of life is heading toward a future glory. That’s why believers know that all things, even the bad things, work together for good for those who love God.
Monday, February 10

You Know He's Working For Your Good Part 2

“All things work together for good to them who love God.” But does this include tragedy and disasters? Here are some ways God uses life’s rough spots to fashion in us the character …
Tuesday, February 11

You Know He's Working For Your Good Part 3

God works in the lives of His people to bring about good even when what’s happening is bad. Through the eye of faith, we who know Him can be sure that a better day is coming, and we can live tr…
Wednesday, February 12

You've Been Chosen Forever Part 1

As believers mature in the faith, they come to realize that salvation is not so much a result of our seeking God as it is the result of God choosing us first. If God had not done this, none of us wou…
Thursday, February 13

You've Been Chosen Forever Part 2

Comprehending God’s purpose in salvation is mind-expanding. In the majestic eighth chapter of Romans, that’s at the core of Paul’s teaching. Let’s take a clear look at what, f…
Friday, February 14

You've Been Chosen Forever Part 3

Those who believe in Jesus and have found new life all share a common reality: they were chosen by God in eternity past. If life now seems uncertain, we can know this: our future is as secure as the …
Monday, February 17

You've Been Chosen Forever Part 4

None of us chose to be born. Being born into God’s family is no different. God makes sure we are spiritually born, and then provides the resources we need to grow as His children.
Tuesday, February 18

You're About To Inherit It All Part 1

How would you react if you inherited a million dollars? Disbelief? Perhaps, but reality would sink in when you got the check. If you’re a believer, you have a check waiting for you at the bank …
Wednesday, February 19

You're About To Inherit It All Part 2

“If God be for us, who can be against us?” Is this true? Some say they’ve been abandoned by God. How do we reconcile this biblical promise with the reality of tough personal situati…
Thursday, February 20

You're About To Inherit It All Part 3

When Christians read the Bible, they find a vast horde of blessings that they’ll inherit as children of God. Our outlook on life becomes an “up-look” when we realize what’s ah…
Friday, February 21

You're About To Inherit It All Part 4

Humans are capable of awful things. The long history of war, oppression and greed proves that. We’d never turn from sin were it not for the grace of God. Redemption is entirely God’s idea…
Monday, February 24

You Own A Certificate Of Acquittal Part 1

A death-row inmate faces a grim prospect, with nowhere to turn. But sometimes, if new evidence is discovered, a governor will set him free. We all deserve a spiritual death-row sentence. But in this …
Tuesday, February 25

You Own A Certificate Of Acquittal Part 2

“Will the defendant please rise?” Your guilt seems sure. Your punishment is certain. But then the court affirms that your sentence has already been carried out—by another person. Th…
Wednesday, February 26

You Own A Certificate Of Acquittal Part 3

As a monk, Martin Luther would go to confession for hours at a time, trying to be sure his every sin would be forgiven. Confession is important, but that next sin lies in wait just around the corner.…
Thursday, February 27

You Own A Certificate Of Acquittal Part 4

For centuries, sins were covered temporarily and symbolically by blood sacrifices in the temple. But now, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, those sins were taken away forever. Believers ar…
Friday, February 28