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Response to Indiana's Religious Freedom Bill

So, what’s next?

With stunning rapidity, the United States as we once knew it is gone; every day another domino falls to the liberal agenda. The LGBT community has proven that their convictions trump religious freedom and clearly they have veto power over laws they do not favor. They can also block the appointment of any CEO that gives the slightest hint that they believe in traditional marriage (you do remember how CEO Brendan Eich resigned under pressure because eight years earlier he had given $1,000 to proposition #8 in California that opposed same-sex marriage).

If you have been following recent events in Indiana (and who hasn’t?) you know that Governor Pence signed a bill that protected the basic rights of freedom of religion. The homosexual community went into overdrive in their hateful reaction to the bill. And, even more ominously, businesses chimed in, threatening to leave the state. Wild and irresponsible statements were made such as, “With this bill perhaps gays will not be allowed to come to the final four basketball tournament,” etc.

Never mind that the law the governor signed was essentially the very same as approved by Congress 20 years ago and signed by President Bill Clinton, with Chuck Schumer’s explicit approval. Never mind that both bills were, at best, a crumb of religious protection to offset the growing opposition and legislation that threatens the rights of Christians.

Governor Pence backed down and signed another bill that has made the situation far worse. By saying that it is illegal to discriminate against members of the LGBT community, it could be that even churches will have less protection in their hiring practices, or they could be sued if they refuse to use their facilities for same-sex weddings. If I might put it bluntly, the bullies won.

What’s next for those of us who hold to a biblical view of homosexuality?

  1. We are already vilified as being white racists.
  2. We are demonized as “hateful” and “bigoted,” and unworthy of religious legal protection. 
  3. There is a growing sentiment that our “intolerant” churches must either shut down or lose tax exemption status. 
  4. Christian photographers and bakeries must cater to same-sex couples or be shut down.
  5. Christians hired by schools and businesses must not only tolerate same-sex marriage; they must celebrate it or be fired (a school teacher here at The Moody Church said that he has been told that if he doesn’t celebrate the homosexual agenda he can expect to be terminated).

And it could get far worse.

Catholic writer John Zmirak predicts that the day will come when Christians “will no more be trusted with the care of their own children than the Branch Davidians were.” He cites the fact that in Germany a homeschool student was seized and removed from his home. And, parents who continue to homeschool their children have been jailed.

Even in the United States, the day might come when the child protection services will be called in to monitor children that are homeschooled, and if necessary remove them from the care of parents who have been diagnosed with what is described as an “acute intolerant syndrome.” And those who object to such actions will be appropriately vilified as siding with hopelessly entrenched bigoted cultists.

Christian colleges with biblical standards will be forced to shut down, and churches will have to choose between biblical convictions or the heavy “boot” of the state bent on squelching every bit of religious freedom under the banner—are you ready for this?—the banner of “tolerance.”

You should know that many evangelical churches and colleges are rethinking their positions on same-sex marriage and same-sex adoptions, etc. Under the banner of love, they have found ingenious ways to skirt the biblical teaching and either reinterpret or ignore what the Bible says about these relationships.

Of course, we also love and care about those who struggle with same-sex attraction; we stand with those who are willing to come to our Savior to receive the same forgiveness and acceptance all of us have received. But we are not doing them a favor by whitewashing what God has condemned.

We are thankful for all of those ministries that continue to remain strong despite being vilified for arbitrary prejudicial discrimination. We are grateful for we all must stand together.

Here at The Moody Church, we will always teach and preach “the whole counsel of God” about matters of morality, and other issues in society. We will stand against the onslaught of our culture, the media, and even if necessary, against our misguided friends. Even when demonized, we will not be silent. Loving yes; silent, no.

The best way to prepare for the encroaching darkness is to shine a bright light.

Dr. Erwin Lutzer

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