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Your Eternal Reward

Your Eternal Reward

Triumph and Tears at the Judgment Seat of Christ

  • Author: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
  • Format: Paperback Book

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Face to Face with Christ. No hiding. No opportunity to put a better spin on what you did. No attorney to represent you. The look in His eyes says it all. Like it or not, standing before Christ is precisely where you and I shall some day be, "for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ" (2 Corinthians 5:10). And while we will not lose our entrance to heaven if we are believers, what we do in our earthly life will determine our standing in the eternal kingdom.

There are eternal consequences to what we do. Jesus will not wink at our disobedience. He does not play favorites. We will be rewarded according to our faithfulness. There is no exception, no special deferment. When God calls our name we will be there. We cannot hide, for God will find us; we cannot scheme to make ourselves look good, for God shall see us. We cannot excuse ourselves, for God knows us. In Your Eternal Reward, Dr. Erwin Lutzer teaches readers not only the effects of the Judgment Seat of Christ and the Great White Throne, but shares what Jesus will be looking for and how we can use the resources of this life to store up treasures in heaven. This life is training for the next. We are to be learning the rules of the kingdom and running the race to win the prize Christ has promised to His faithful servants. When He calls your name, will you hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant?"

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Number of Pages: 
Date Published: 
May 1, 2015
Original Sermon Series: 
Your Eternal Reward


  1. Tears In Heaven
  2. You'll Be There
  3. What We Can Gain
  4. What We Can Lose
  5. What Christ Will Be Looking For
  6. Taking It With You
  7. Run To Win
  8. Standing In Line To Receive Your Reward
  9. Reigning With Christ Forever
  10. The Great White Throne Judgment