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The Master's Mandates

Taking His Place

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | April 23, 1978

Selected highlights from this sermon

We often take the responsibility of evangelism lightly. But our responsibility to share the Gospel is a serious one. Jesus sends us in His place, to do His work, and carrying out His purpose. 

One day we are going to give an account of how we fulfilled this mission. How serious do you take this responsibility?

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.


John is the last commission of the four gospels.

Matthew emphasizes authority. 
Mark emphasizes activity. 
Luke emphasizes ability. 
John emphasizes audacity.

We still take the responsibility of evangelism very lightly.

We have three solemn responsibilities:

-       We are taking His place (John 20:21).

  • Jesus is sending us in His place.
  • The only hands, lips, and feet He has are ours.
  • Jesus is commissioning us.
  • We are becoming like Christ, and we are going to be treated like Him.
  • We are also going to be rewarded like Christ.

-       We are sharing His power (John 20:22).

  • Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit.
  • The same Holy Spirit who energized Jesus is in us.

-       We are fulfilling His purpose (John 20:23).

  • Jesus came to deal with sin.
  • Jesus came to help the spiritually bankrupt, brokenhearted, bound, blind, and bruised.

One day we are going to give an account of how we fulfilled our responsibilities.

If Jesus fulfilled responsibilities toward me the way I fulfill them to Him, how little I would have.

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