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Running to Win - 15 Minutes

We Will Not Be Silenced Interview Part 2

March 25, 2021

Part 2 of 6
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Diversity sounds so good, until you're on the wrong side of what society says is diverse. These days, diversity is used to divide and destroy. Our culture is collapsing into a tyranny by those whose feelings are hurt, and we must respond with boldness and grace. Christianity cannot be silenced any longer.

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We Will Not Be Silenced

Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity

Each day, we watch America turn further from Christian values and the core principles of liberty. It’s frustrating to feel we can’t assert biblical truth without facing condemnation, and it’s fearful to witness outrage and victimhood replace respect and reason. Amidst this dissent, how can we not only stay rooted in our own faith, but continue to publicly testify for Jesus?

In We Will Not Be Silenced, Pastor Erwin Lutzer prepares you to live out your convictions against a growing tide of hostility. Through this book you will gain a better understanding of nonbelievers’ legitimate hurts and concerns regarding issues like racism, sexism, and poverty—and identify the toxic responses secular culture disguises as solutions. In the process, you’ll see how you can show compassion and gentleness to those outside of the faith without affirming their beliefs.

We Will Not Be Silenced will ready you to move beyond fear and boldly accept the challenge of representing Christ to a watching world that needs Him now more than ever before.