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Running to Win - 15 Minutes

The Challenge Of Raising Cain – Part 2 of 3

May 08, 2024

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We are often defensive when someone approaches us with advice. Cain allowed his anger and jealousy to override the counsel given to him, personally, by God—and killed his brother Abel. In this message from Genesis 4, Pastor Lutzer reveals three underlying motivations for “destroyers” like Cain. Are we willing to let God be our counselor?

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When You've Been Wronged

When You've Been Wronged

Conflict in relationships is inevitable, but healing and reconciliation often is not. Time and again after we’ve tried every option and failed, and all we are left with is a load of guilt and pain.

Best-selling author Erwin Lutzer shows how the blessing the Lord gives to those who suffer unjustly is worth the pain involved. He also illustrates the need to leave our broken relationships in the hands of God, and move forward in our lives toward freedom. It is only through His healing power that we can overcome the bitterness and resentment that has overtaken our world.

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