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Running to Win - 15 Minutes

Lie #1: Judas Did Jesus A Favor Part 1

April 06, 2021

Part 1 of 4
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A few years ago an ancient “Gospel of Judas” document surfaced. It purportedly told us about the “real Jesus.” In this document, Judas is a hero, and Jesus is a fanciful being taking on many forms as the need arises. Written by Gnostics, the reappearance of the gospel of Judas is just another attempt to undermine the Christian faith.

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Slandering Jesus

Do you believe in Jesus? If so, which one?

We may be using the same name, but when it comes to talking about Jesus, chances are we’re not describing the same person. Who is the real Jesus? And is there any way to genuinely discover Him amid all of the false portraits that exist?

in this book, Pastor Erwin Lutzer shows the way by exposing six of the most prevalent lies that religious leaders and an emerging culture tell about the Son of God. Was the family tomb of Jesus really discovered? Is it true that Jesus is one way to God among many? Did Jesus give Judas a “secret mission” to betray Him, as the Gnostic Gospels claim?

Join Pastor Lutzer as he reveals the truth behind the lies… and challenges us to investigate the real story of the man who claimed to be God.