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Pastor Lutzer Speaks On “One Minute After You Die” At Regional Rally In Albania

This past Saturday on May 4, 2024, it was my privilege to speak to what was, most likely, the largest gathering of evangelicals in Southeast Albania. More than twenty churches came together, many by bus, to worship and celebrate their unity in Christ. Various musical groups led us in worship. Also, a short documentary was shown about the heroes who were faithful to Christ during the harsh crackdown of the communist era in Albania (1944–1992).

Part of the crowd of 1,800 evangelicals that gathered in Korçë, Albania on May 4 to worship together and listen to God’s Word.

In addition to the 1,800 who filled the arena (with some standing) we know of at least 6000 who watched the livestream online. Even the national news service, Euro News, briefly reported about the rally later Saturday evening (In addition to my interview with Euro News on Monday, April 29). A young journalist, who has to be credited with the wide publicity this event received, just notified us the rally was broadcast on seven different platforms. Although he cannot know the exact number, at least 100,000 people viewed the event. Even the next day, social media was flooded with reports. Please understand this event was months in planning. Pastor Plator Collaku, and his wife Nicole, worked tirelessly to plan all the details in collaboration with the Albanian Evangelical Alliance. 

Standing with Plator Collaku (Left), who planned Saturday’s event and Adi Selfollari, a member of The Moody Church, who was raised in Albania, converted to Christ in America, and now remains a strong supporter and prayer warrior for his home country.

Also, I’m glad to report The Moody Church was able to sponsor this event financially. In the past few years, The Moody Church has had a great impact here by supporting an orphanage and care center for needy boys and girls and by helping to plant churches. Rebecca and I had the opportunity to visit these ministries, and I can report the dollars are well invested. As I like to say, money is ministry! 

Pastor Lutzer and his wife, Rebecca, at the rally in Korçë.

My sermon topic for the rally was “One Minute After You Die.” At the end of the message, I invited people to pray a prayer of repentance. More importantly, many Christians had been fasting and praying that the Gospel would go out to many people across Albania. To the glory of God, we have already received reports of some who came to saving faith in Christ at the rally. 

Pastor Lutzer’s message “One Minute After You Die” was translated into Albanian.

To God alone be all the praise and the glory for the spread of the Gospel. Despite decades of the crushing weight of communism, since a measure of freedom has come in 1991, the church in Albania is growing! Keep praying! 

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