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5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer | Children Of An Awesome God Part 1

This week, join us as we begin a six-part series in which we explore the amazing riches that are ours in Christ Jesus—because we are children of an awesome God!

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Transcript: Hi, welcome to Five Minutes With Pastor Lutzer. I’m so glad that you’ve joined us today for this study. We’re beginning a new study, and it’s entitled “Children Of An Awesome God.” And everything that we talk about is going to be from the eighth chapter of the book of Romans.

You know, I think that if the Bible were a ring, the diamond would be the book of Romans—and probably the eighth chapter would be the very tip. We’re going to be learning about what we have in Jesus Christ.

There’s a story about a woman named Birdie Adams. She died back in 1971 of malnutrition. What was interesting is, they found two keys for two different lock boxes. One had many shares of AT&T; the other had $600,000 in cash. But she died of malnutrition. You know, it’s been said that misers oftentimes make very miserable friends, but great ancestors. I’m sure those who inherited that wealth had no idea it was coming.

Today, what we’d like to do is to begin to open the lock box, so to speak, and to find out what we have in Jesus. Actually, I’m going to be looking at the first nine verses of Romans chapter eight. And obviously I’ll simply be able to outline it. That’s all that we’ll have time for, but I want you to leave in a way that you are blessed. It opens indeed, as I’ve mentioned, with no condemnation to them who are in Christ.

Three blessings that I want to emphasize today. First of all, a new identity. In Christ, we have these blessings. Now, we were in Adam. That’s what the apostle Paul taught earlier in the book. But now we are in Christ. A brand new identity. No wonder it says “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Because if God were to condemn us, He’d have to condemn His Son. We are in Him. Just like Noah was in the ark with his family, not under the judgment of God but protected from the judgment of God. Of course, God may discipline us, but He takes away and dismisses all criminal charges against us. No condemnation. And no obligation to try to fulfill the law in our own strength, the apostle Paul says.

But if you notice in verse five, not only do we have a new identity in Christ, we have a new focus. He talks about the mind of the flesh, which leads to death; and the mind of the spirit, which leads to life. Here’s what happens. When we are born again, God gives us a brand new identity—a new sense of focus, a new sense of values. And we begin to look beyond this life—we look to Christ. And the Bible says that then we set our minds not on the flesh, but on the Spirit. So we have a new identity.

We also have a new focus. And then he concludes this particular section by talking about the fact that we have a new companion. He speaks of the Holy Spirit. In verse nine, the apostle Paul makes it very clear that all believers have the Holy Spirit of God within them, and he says that if we do not have the Spirit, we are none of His. One of the proofs that we belong to God is the fact that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Jesus made this statement. He said, “I will not leave you as orphans. I will send the Spirit.” And Jesus is with us.

Now today, you may be going through a time of loneliness, a time of misunderstanding; but do you realize that we are in Christ—no condemnation. All the hope of the Gospel is ours. And if you ask the question, namely, how does the Spirit lead us, and what truth does He lead us to? Well, you’re gonna have to tune in next time.

And I want to tell you that next time, we are going to be talking about blessings that will be beyond our imagination, I promise. And only the Holy Spirit of God can guide us there. Remember, let’s open the lock boxes and find out everything that God has provided for us in Jesus our Lord. So glad that you joined us. Join us again next time, and as for today, just go with God.

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