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A Christmas Message from Pastor Lutzer

This Christmas, let’s rejoice with others as if their joy was our own! Merry Christmas!



Transcript: Hi, this is Pastor Lutzer wishing you a very blessed Christmas. Well, did you see that Amazon actually has published the Christmas story? And apparently it is word for word out of the Bible. The problem is, it occurs in their fiction section. Well, you and I know that Christmas is not fiction. God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself. And you know many people disbelieve the Christmas story because of the stories of the angels. I wanna give a shout out to the angels. For one thing, they were obedient. Gabriel came in direct response to God’s request. He was sent, the Bible says, to Mary, but there’s something else about angels that has always intrigued me. They rejoice in our salvation, even though they personally do not profit from it. They rejoice in our salvation as if it were their own. Now today at Christmas, I’m sure that you will receive some gifts. But there may be others who receive much better gifts, much more expensive ones. Will you and I be able to rejoice in their joy as if their joy were our own? That’s one of the lessons that the angels teach us. I want you to enjoy Christmas. Fellowship with friends; fellowship with relatives and your neighbors; and above all, aren’t we thankful that what we are celebrating is not fiction? God bless you, Merry Christmas.

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