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I Take It From His Hand

Some time ago, someone handed me a poem which was a great blessing to me personally, and I have shared it in some messages I have preached recently. Since it has been a great encouragement to me and to others, I’m passing it along to you. Read it carefully, reflect on its theology, so that those trials which come our way will be more easily accepted. After all, our trials do pass through the hands of our heavenly Father.


author unknown

 I will not take that bitter thrust which rent my heart today,
As from an earthly soul, though it was meant that way.
But I will look beyond the tool because my life is planned.
I take the cup my Father gives. I take it from His hand. 

He knows and even thus allows these little things that irk.
I trust His wisdom and His love. Let patience have its work.
Though human means have brought the sting, I firmly take this stand.
My loving Father holds the cup. I take it from His hand. 

Now those who watch may wonder why these things do not disturb.
I look right past the instrument and see my Lord superb.
The trials which would lay me low must pass through His command.
He holds the outstretched cup to me. I take it from His hand.



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