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What God Did To Save Us

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These messages, based on the book of Romans, show that in the gift of salvation we see God at His best; the cross and the events surrounding it, is God's farthest reach. Here we see the full range of His attributes, all converging together in an ambitious rescue plan for us as sinners.

The overriding message of the series is that the Gospel, properly understood, is not simply to believe on Christ at a point in time, but rather to understand why we need the Gospel every single day. We must depend on Christ to represent us to the Father daily, hourly. Here is hope for great sinners and instruction for struggling saints.

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Moody Church
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Sermons in this Series:

1. Rescued by a Hand from Heaven
2. Rescued from Moral Self-Deception
3. Rescued from Religious Self-Deception
4. Rescued from Dangerous Rationalizations
5. Rescued from the Folly of Self-Salvation
6. Rescued from God’s Righteous Wrath
7. Rescued from Despair
8. Rescued from Misplaced Faith
9. Rescued from Hopelessness
10. Rescued from Eternal Death
11. Rescued from Self-Obsession
12. Rescued from Habitual Sin