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The Drama Of Redemption

The Drama Of Redemption

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Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together without looking at the picture on the box? These messages will help you see the big picture of the puzzle we call the Bible, with the Bible's 66 books being the puzzle's pieces. As we survey key events throughout the Old and New Testaments, we'll better understand the story of redemption as revealed to us in the Scriptures. The series culminates in an overview of the vital but often misunderstood book of Revelation as we together look forward to Christ's return.

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Moody Church
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The Drama Of Redemption

Sermons in this Series:

1. The Old Testament #1
2. The Old Testament #2
3. The New Testament #1
4. The New Testament #2 - The Book Of Revelation