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Seven Snares Of The Enemy

Seven Snares Of The Enemy

Breaking Free From the Devil's Grip

  • Author: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
  • Format: Paperback Book

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Seven Snares of the Enemy takes an in-depth look at common sin traps both Christians and non-Christians fall prey to in modern society. The seven common snares Satan uses to keep people in bondage are: greed, gambling, alcoholism, pornography, the sexual affair, the search for pleasure, and occultism. There are many 'modern' sins ensnaring more and more people everyday. Some are blatant, but many are secret, quickly seducing the participant into behavior that separates them from God. Popular pastor and author Erwin Lutzer exposes Satan's seven most common 'traps,' warning readers and giving them hope for liberation from these forms of bondage. Addressing greed, gambling, alcoholism, pornography, sexual freedom, pleasure, and occultism, Dr. Lutzer takes on tough and sensitive issues with great compassion and clarity.

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Number of Pages: 
Date Published: 
February 1, 2001
Original Sermon Series: 
Seven Snares Of The Enemy


  1. Snare 1: Greed: The Heart Revealed
  2. Snare 2: Gambling: Is It A Good Bet?
  3. Snare 3: Alcoholism: Quitting Tomorrow
  4. Snare 4: Pornography: The Soul Defiled
  5. Snare 5: The Sexual Affair: A Poisoned Oasis
  6. Snare 6: The Search For Pleasure: Running On Empty
  7. Snare 7: Occultism: Superstition Or Deception?