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Making The Best Of A Bad Decision

Making The Best Of A Bad Decision

How to Put Your Regrets Behind You, Embrace Grace, and Move Toward a Better Future

  • Author: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
  • Format: Paperback Book

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In Making the Best of a Bad Decision, Pastor Lutzer shows that no matter how many wrong paths you have taken, there is still a right one just up ahead. Whether you worry you've married the wrong person, struggle with poor financial choices, wish you'd chosen a different profession, or have made a choice that's hurt someone you love, you'll be amazed at how God can use that bad decision to still bring good to you and others.

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Number of Pages: 
Date Published: 
June 1, 2011
Original Sermon Series: 
Making The Best Of A Bad Decision


  1. The Worst Decision Ever Made
  2. When You've Chosen Second Best
  3. When You've Married Trouble
  4. When You've Crossed A Moral Boundary
  5. When You've Made A Bad Financial Decision
  6. When You're In The Wrong Vocation
  7. When You've Hurt Others
  8. How To Make Wise Decisions
  9. The Worst Decision You Could Possibly Make