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God Answers Man's Sufferings


Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | September 11, 1977

Selected highlights from this sermon

There are many types of suffering: pain, sickness, loss of a loved one, just to name a few. And though we look for the answers as to why these things happen, we’re often left shrugging our shoulders. 

But God has given us answers as to why man suffers. In this message, Pastor Wiersbe gives us that first answer: man’s suffering is in creation to glorify God.  

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

For the believer, the best is yet to come.

There are many types of suffering all over the world.

Most of the suffering in this world cannot be explained.

The Bible presents answers God gives to man’s sufferings.

The first answer God gives to man’s suffering is in creation.

Three facts about creation that explain victory in human suffering:

-       It was made a good creation.

  • It was a personal creation, made by a person for people.
  • Behind nature is God.
  • Creation is an overflow of the love, wisdom, and power of God.
  • God created basic laws into nature.
  • Without these laws life couldn’t function.
  • God made creation with purpose.
  • Creation’s purpose is to glorify God.
  • The greatest thing we can ever do is glorify God.

-       It became a groaning creation.

  • Paul uses five words to describe creation today: sufferings, vanity, bondage, corruption, and pain.
  • The world is filled with decay.
  • God is not responsible for man’s sin that destroyed creation.
  • Whatever man does affects creation. When man sinned, creation suffered.
  • Even though the world we are living in is not perfect, God is perfect.
  • God made man with the power of choice.
  • Much of the sorrow and agony in the world is because people made wrong decisions.

-       One day, it will be a glorious creation.

  • At salvation our soul is redeemed, but not our bodies.
  • One day all of creation will be redeemed in glory.
  • Jesus suffered to make this possible.

The important thing is not the condition of creation but the condition of your heart.

Jesus did not come to take us out of the difficulties of life, He came to save us and help us through those difficulties.

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