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Empty Stomachs, Empty Cupboards…

Despite famine and heartbreak, we see God moving forward with His plan of redemption in the lives of Naomi and Ruth… all the way to Jesus.


Providence In Waiting

Obedience always requires faith, surrender, letting go, and trusting an unknown future to an all-knowing God.


Manipulating Grace

We have to wait upon God’s perfect timing, submit to His perfect will, and rest in His perfect sufficiency.


Sovereign Stories

The healing of the universe and the plot line of all of redemptive history hinges on the story of Ruth.


Running To Reality

When we’re experiencing loss and pain and heartache and grief, it either drives the roots of our faith deep into who God is for us or uproots us altogether.


Redeeming Love

Jesus is setting right all that went wrong in Adam. Where Adam failed, Christ prevailed.

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