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Information on the role of the church in government, as well as church and state issues.

Blog Post

Should Christians Expect To Suffer? | No Reason To Hide #13

Christians have always been an island of righteousness in a sea of paganism. Amid today’s cultural pressure points, we must rethink our view of suffering for the sake of Christ. Pastor Lutzer offers three incentives for Christians to suffer well. What if Christians don’t have a sympathetic government or the freedom to worship?   Get the brand new book, No Reason To Hide, at mcmoffer.com Here are all of the ways that you can follow along with 5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer: On our Podcast via iTunes and Google Podcasts On our Facebook page On our YouTube channel Transcript: Welcome, once … Read More >

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, We Must Move On!

After bitter disputes as to whether the election was stolen, after a mob of thugs desecrated our nation’s Capitol, after listening to charges and countercharges… We must move on. No matter who you voted for, no matter what news outlets you watch, no matter how angry or glad you are that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be our next president and vice-president… We must move on. You have heard it said that, as believers, our unity in Christ as Savior and Lord must always transcend politics and race. Well, the time to test whether we actually believe this is … Read More >

Blog Post

European Reformation: The Bible And The Sword

What is the relationship between the Bible and the sword? Between Christ and Caesar? These are questions that have often been debated throughout church history, and they are still relevant issues today. The picture above is that of the Swiss Reformer Huldrych Zwingli. Notice that he is holding both a Bible and a sword. He believed he could be loyal to both—but the matter is not that simple. Let me begin by reminding us that we must all agree that the Bible makes a distinction between the realm of government and the realm of the church. A government has the … Read More >

Blog Post

What Really Burned in the Fire of Notre-Dame?

The loss of the beautiful Cathedral of Notre-Dame has touched all of us deeply. Those of us who have had the privilege of visiting this iconic cathedral marvel at its Gothic architecture. I have watched people come into the cathedral and as soon as they adjust to the semi-darkness, their eyes follow the high columns heavenward. This is, of course, the very point of Gothic architecture; it speaks of transcendence, inviting us to look up beyond ourselves to God in humble worship. As has been reported on the news, this cathedral has weathered political revolutions and two World Wars. When … Read More >

Blog Post

Is the Reformation Over?

Someone has said that for many Christians, church history began with the first Billy Graham crusade. They think that as long as we derive our beliefs from the Bible, we can ignore the two-thousand year history of God’s people. Church history, they reason, really only benefits scholars and historians. What possible relevance could the past have for the present? How easy it is to forget that we are heirs of a rich history that began in the New Testament and continues on to this present day. To study church history is to study the ways of God; it is to … Read More >

Blog Post

A Preaching Tour in Albania–April 15-25, 2023

I’ve been impacted by a recent speaking tour in Albania. I have visited many different countries in the world, but this trip to Albania has affected me most deeply. My wife, Rebecca, and I returned with a burden for that country, but also for America. There are lessons learned, observations made, and scenes that will stay with me until I die. Some background. Albania was Stalinized beginning in 1944, and by 1967, it was the first country in the world to include in its constitution that there is no God. The surveillance of the people was so detailed and so … Read More >

Blog Post

The Day After the Night Before—Reflections on the Mid-term Elections

Although I have never endorsed a political candidate or a political party, I have long maintained that politics is more important than many Christians realize. Just survey the history of Christianity in other countries and you will find that believers who live with godless political regimes agree that politics is very important. The Gospel, of course, is most important, but politics does have far-reaching implications for all of us.  With that in mind, I stayed up quite late last night expecting to hear whether the Republicans or Democrats would win a majority in the House or Senate, but as of … Read More >

Blog Post

5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer | Christians, Politics, And The Cross Part 2

As Christians, it is crucial for us to recognize that the flag of our nation—or any other nation—must be subservient to the cross of Christ. This is especially true at times when the cross is in opposition to the flag. Here are all of the ways that you can follow along with 5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer: On our Podcast via iTunes and Google Play On our Facebook page On our YouTube channel Transcript: Welcome to Five Minutes With Pastor Lutzer. I’m so glad that you joined us today, as once again we have a discussion of Christians, politics, and the cross. I don’t need … Read More >

Blog Post

European Reformation: Calvin And A Heretic

Rebecca and I are traveling in Switzerland and Germany, and I am lecturing on the Reformation. Each day in this blog I’ll be answering a question that might be on your mind regarding this event that changed the course of history. Question: Why did Voltaire believe that there was a special place in hell for John Calvin? The answer is because of Calvin’s role in the burning of the heretic Servetus, who was condemned for denying the Trinity. Catholic authorities sought his extradition to face charges of heresy in France, but Servetus escaped and came to Geneva and entered the … Read More >

Blog Post

The Role of the Church in a Trump Administration

After the inauguration America is going to need the church more than ever! The election is long past, but the divisions remain—and some of these divisions exist within our churches. Which leads us to a pressing question: How can we as evangelicals be unified and have a credible witness to the Gospel before the watching world? I would like to share three key steps that I think will start us in the right direction. 1. Listen Without Judging “… be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger…” – James 1:19 Have a conversation with someone who voted differently … Read More >

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