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Running to Win - 15 Minutes

Passions In Conflict Part 2

September 22, 2022

Part 2 of 4
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Life is full of choices that determine our destinies. King David’s one-night stand was not hidden from God. In this message, we listen to the prophet Nathan’s story for the king, revealing how God sees sin. We are all laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account. 

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Growing Through Conflict

Growing Through Conflict

Everyone struggles with problems that seem too big to handle. Yet conflicts are unique opportunities in which you can learn how to rely more faithfully on God.

In Growing Through Conflict, best-selling author and beloved pastor Erwin W. Lutzer teaches you how to imitate David’s successes and avoid his failures. Your faith will be strengthened as you learn biblical truths from David’s example, like:

  • Spiritual growth normally happens in hard times
  • Doing God’s will is not always peaceful 
  • God expects us to endure struggles with patience
  • God uses conflict to bring us to Christian maturity 

Whether you face difficult relationships, unresolved grief, doubts about faith, or illicit desires, David’s life will show you how to grow in your relationship with God—even through conflict—because no challenge is too great for Him.