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5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer | Christians, Politics, And The Cross Part 3

The church of Jesus Christ is not a political party. In a day of division and hostility, we must remember that the cross of Jesus Christ unites us.

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Transcript: Welcome to Five Minutes With Pastor Lutzer. I’m so glad that you’ve joined us today as we discuss Christians, politics, and the cross. And in a day of political wrangling and disagreement even between Christians, I can’t think of a topic that is much more important than that.

Now today, what I’m going to do is to show you the primacy of the cross above everything else. I believe that politics is very important, but we as Christians can never forget our higher allegiance. I wanna talk about the cross—specifically the fact that the cross of Jesus Christ was in God’s heart from the beginning of time.

I want you to think about this for a moment. Most Christians believe that when Adam and Eve sinned, God came along and cleaned up the mess. He was hoping that they wouldn’t. But because they did, He came along; and of course, the cross of Jesus Christ is the answer to man’s failure. That may be true, but I want you to see it differently today, that God’s purpose in creation was redemption. How else can we read Ephesians chapter one, that we are chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world, before Adam and Eve sinned? Second Timothy 1:9, “God has shown us mercy and grace from all eternity.”

Why do I mention that? I want us to understand clearly that the church of Jesus Christ is not a political party. I will emphasize that also in just a moment. But speaking of the cross of Jesus Christ as having existed in the mind of God from all eternity.

We’ll also have a reminder of the cross of Christ in heaven. As far as we know from the book of Revelation, the only reminder we will have is the words of John, who spoke and said, “I saw as it were, a lamb, slain from before the foundation of the world.” Redemption in God’s heart from the beginning of time. Now if that’s true, what that means is, we as Christians who disagree politically—and I know that there are Christians who indeed disagree with me, and I’m sure there are Christians who disagree with you—what we need to keep in mind is that the cross of Jesus Christ, if we are believers, is stronger. It is a stronger bond than politics could ever be.

And I need to emphasize also, as I’ve already hinted, that the church of Jesus Christ is not a political party. So it’s important for us to realize that that which binds us together as believers is God’s redemption and the cross of Jesus Christ. And we come to that cross, and we stand beneath it all as sinners in need of God’s grace, in need of God’s redemption.

So in the midst of all the political controversies and the polarization, let us remember that as believers the cross of Jesus Christ unites us. No wonder the apostle Paul says in Galatians chapter 6 verse 14, “God forbid that I should glory except in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified onto me and I unto the world.”

My friend, I believe that Bonhoeffer was absolutely right when he made the statement that it is not before us, but before the cross of Jesus Christ, that the world trembles. Listen to the news, listen to the political discussions and the disagreements; listen to the loud voices as well as the softer ones; but always remember listen to the loud voices as well as the softer ones; but always remember that our allegiance is to the cross of Jesus Christ which was in God’s heart as long as God existed from all eternity.

So glad that you have joined us today, and next time we’re gonna talk about how the cross of Jesus Christ brings reconciliation, and its power to transform. And yes, that does relate to politics. Thanks for joining us, and I’ll see you here next time. And as for today, go with God.

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