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Your Ballot Makes a Difference

This Tuesday is Election Day, an opportunity for us to cast a ballot in favor of a number of candidates. Incredibly, the statistics indicate that many people—yes, even Christians—do not vote; perhaps because they think that their ballot does not make any difference. In point of fact, not only have elections been determined by only a few ballots, but more importantly, if all Christians voted they could determine the outcome of almost any election. And if we don’t vote, we don’t deserve the freedoms we all think are our “right.”

Ask God to give you wisdom as to which candidate is closest to biblical standards on the issues (none will meet these standards, but you are aiming at approximations). And don’t just pray, but educate yourself. If you don’t know where the candidates stand on the issues, go to the One Nation Under God website,, where you can find voter’s guides for each Illinois district. Read them carefully and make an informed decision.

Our freedoms are under attack so we’d better exercise them while we still can.

All for the King,
Pastor Lutzer

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