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Question 89

Q: My health issues over the last few months have me feeling like the devil has me chained up tight.

I was a terrible sinner when I was young, but I’ve been a Christian for quite sometime, and now it seems that the devil is using my mind as his playground.

I suffer with fearful thoughts about my family. I know God is my only hope, but I can’t get past these thoughts of fear and doubt. I feel so worthless, especially when I think about my two grandchildren who’ve never been taken to church and have had to endure a lot as children.

Although I know I’m a child of God, I feel as though He’s not listening to my prayers. I simply feel defeated.

Asked by: Nancy, Ohio

A: Well Nancy, you have many burdens that you’re bearing, but rest assured, God wants to help you bear them. So let me give you a few words of encouragement.

First of all, I think that your analysis is right. I do believe that the devil is using your mind as his playground. One way to stop him from doing that is to fill your mind with God’s promises and then you need to accept these promises.

But you know Nancy, it’s possible for us to get in such a predicament that we can’t get out of it on our own. I really do think that in your despair you need people to come around you, to pray with you, and to pray for you. Now I did notice that you didn’t mention anything about your relationship with your husband, but you spoke about grandchildren. That’s another burden that you can’t bear alone. I hope that God gives you some Christian friends who can encourage you and pray with you. That’s really what you need.

A further comment I have, as I rethink about what you said, is about the sense of guilt that you’ve had over your past. God doesn’t remember your past. He blots it out. The Bible says that He takes our sin, and as far as the east is from the west, that’s how far He removes it. And then He dumps the sin into the depths of the sea and He puts up a sign saying, “no fishing.”

Nancy, God has forgiven you, God loves you, God cares. Keep walking in your faith.

Scripture references

  • Psalms 103:12

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