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Question 124

Q: It wasn’t until my marriage failed totally that I found freedom from sexual sin.

And even then, it was only after I totally surrendered myself to Christ and admitted that I was incapable of staying faithful and morally clean. This is my question: Why did I have to go through this and lose everything when I wanted freedom so badly before?

Asked by: Joe

A: Well Joe, thank you again for asking your question because there are tens of thousands of people who have the same question on their minds.

First of all, let me say that the reason you weren’t delivered earlier is because you didn’t want deliverance enough, at least not badly enough. I know you say that you did want to be delivered, and I understand that. But, you know, it’s the old story that until we get to the very bottom, until a person absolutely, totally, completely bottoms out, that’s when they’re willing to change. Most people don’t change when they see the light—they only change when they feel the heat. And unfortunately sometimes God has to turn on the heat.

I hope that in light of the fact that you are walking in victory now, that your marriage can be restored. Now of course, if your ex-wife has remarried, that makes it impossible, or other circumstances might make it impossible. But think about the possibility of reconciliation, and by the way, devote your life to the helping of others. I would suggest that you go to church, join a group of men that you can be accountable to, but also because you can help them. If you were to give your testimony of what God had to put you through before you experienced victory in your relationship with Him, it would touch the hearts of many men in the congregation of the church.

God has brought you through this painful experience, and we can question as to why it is that it took so long, but now that you are free, rejoice in what God has given you.  And use your experience to help others. God bless you.

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