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Should We Celebrate Christmas?

From the time of the early church, December 25th has been celebrated throughout Christianity. It has served to commemorate the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Even though He was not literally born on that particular December 25th over two thousand years ago, Christmas day and the surrounding holiday season reminds us yearly of the glorious condescension of the infinite to the finite. At The Moody Church, we heartily partake of this season of guided worship and family fellowship.  

Outside of Christianity, Christmas has accumulated secular, cultural significance. Many observe the holiday with no understanding of who Jesus Christ is or why He came to Earth. In an attempt to disassociate with unfortunate abuses (greed, materialism, revelry), some believers abstain from celebrating at Christmastime. As in many other things, this is a matter of conscience. A strict prescription concerning disputable matters among other believers is bluntly disparaged by Paul in Romans 14. In the same way, Christians should demonstrate tolerance toward those who do or do not celebrate Christmas. 

Questions are sometimes raised regarding the origin of Christmas. While Christmas does bear faint similarities with pagan holidays, these similarities do not imply inherent support for pagan rituals, nor do they undermine the true nature of the Christian celebration.

For the Christian, Christmas should be a time of generosity toward the poor who should be included in all of our celebrations. Since most people celebrate Christmas in some form, let us share with them the true meaning of the event, pointing them to Christ the Savior of the world. Let us also worship the Lord in spirit and truth, in accordance with our convictions of conscience. 

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