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God, Why Me?

God, Why Me?

Lessons From The Life Of Job

  • Author: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
  • Format: Paperback Book

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When tragedy strikes, we often ask the age-old question: “Why?” It’s natural to question God—even for those walking closely with Him. Let’s take a walk with Job, one of the Bible’s oldest accounts of devastating grief and despair. He’ll tell us about losing his ten children, his possessions, and almost losing his life. He had no idea why this was happening to him, and he lost hope for recovery. To make things worse, his friends’ idea of comfort only added to his misery.

As Pastor Erwin Lutzer leads us on this journey with Job through honest questions of pain and suffering, we’ll catch a glimpse of God’s hidden purposes in our lives. Discover the God who is more mysterious than ever, yet somehow behind all the perplexities of our lives, holding onto us.

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Number of Pages: 
Date Published: 
October 11, 2022
Original Sermon Series: 
God, Why Me?


  1. God, Why Me?
  2. God I've Lost Everything
  3. When Comfort Is Discomfort
  4. The Sighs Of A Suffering Soul
  5. Jesus, Please Answer Job
  6. Words Of Wisdom From A Young Man
  7. When God Comes
  8. The Purpose Of It All