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Information about heaven.


When The Day Is Done

As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness.”—Psalm 17:15 The potency of a whistle or bell is nowhere better illustrated than in the pouring streams of humanity from factory and mine, office and shop, as the day’s work has come to a close. Streets and roads are crowded, traffic is congested, and the state of rush and hustle is terrific. It would seem that life in all its intricacies had broken a main spring and had begun to unravel—but it is just “quitting time.” Soon normalcy will be … Read More >


Pets In Heaven

Some people form such a strong bond with their pets that they’re only comforted when assured that they will see them again in heaven. We must realize that for some, this bonding can be especially strong. A blind friend of The Moody Church sorrowfully tells about how he held his seeing-eye dog in his arms as he watched him die. Just imagine: for twelve years this dog had risked his own life to care for our friend, leading him safely across streets, up stairs and even into apartment buildings. If he said to the dog, “Moody Church,” the dog understood … Read More >


What Is Heaven?

Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” Heaven is, therefore, a locality. In just what part of the universe it is located, we do not know. Astronomers say that all the stars and planets seem to be revolving around a great distant center. That center may be heaven. It is not this earth, for then Jesus would have said, “I remain to prepare a place for you.” When He said, “I go,” He meant that He would leave the earth for some other place. It is a cosmopolitan place. “I beheld, and lo, a great multitude which … Read More >


A Sermon About Heaven

I was walking down to the Depot Church in Philadelphia one night when a friend said to me, “Moody, what are you going to preach about to-night?” I said I thought I would try and preach about heaven. I noticed a little scowl came over his face at that, so I said, “What is the matter?” “O!” said he, “why don’t you give us something practical? Nobody knows anything about heaven; it is all guess-work to preach about that.” “Well,” said I, “if the Lord didn’t mean us to talk about heaven He wouldn’t have talked so much about it … Read More >


Kingdom Recruiting

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like” These words fall from the lips of Jesus again and again: “The kingdom of heaven is like”—and are recorded for us in the thirteenth chapter of Matthew. Picture Him standing there in the little boat as it rocks quietly in the water, and before Him crowded right up to the water’s edge a great multitude, listening intently to every sentence from His lips. “The kingdom of heaven.” These are surprising words. Is there then to be a kingdom heaven born, heaven bought, and heaven sent? That is exactly what Jesus is saying, and furthermore … Read More >


The Greatest Fact In The World

So great salvation.”—Hebrews 2:3 Salvation is the greatest fact in the universe of which we know: 1. Because it is salvation from the greatest evils.2. Because it is salvation to the greatest good.3. Because it is salvation through the greatest agencies.4. Because it is salvation with the greatest people.5. Because it is salvation for the greatest purpose. I. The Greatest Evils. They are three and each of them begins with the serpent letter “S”: Sin, sickness and suffering. Salvation from sin, from the results of sin, to be sure, but better still, salvation from sin … Read More >


Facing Death As A Christian

Preparing for Your Death I have a friend whose parents believed that if they bought life insurance, they would die the next day. They had a fatalistic attitude: prepare for death and you will die imminently; don’t prepare and you will live a long healthy life. The result of their philosophy was predictable: when they died, their children had no insurance money to cover the funeral. I’ve seen this attitude many times in my years of ministry, and later in this newsletter, I’ve chosen to give some Christian advice about death, dying and funerals to help others overcome it. This … Read More >