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Pets In Heaven

Some people form such a strong bond with their pets that they’re only comforted when assured that they will see them again in heaven. We must realize that for some, this bonding can be especially strong.

A blind friend of The Moody Church sorrowfully tells about how he held his seeing-eye dog in his arms as he watched him die. Just imagine: for twelve years this dog had risked his own life to care for our friend, leading him safely across streets, up stairs and even into apartment buildings. If he said to the dog, “Moody Church,” the dog understood and led him there. We can only imagine the debt of deep gratitude this man felt toward his faithful canine companion. So, the question is, will this dog be in heaven?

Although there will be animals in the Millennial Kingdom (Isaiah 65:25), there is no evidence that they will be resurrected, or that they will be present in the New Jerusalem. So, the bottom line is that no material exists in the Scriptures that either confirms or denies the presence of particular pets in the world to come. In summation, we do not know for sure one way or another because God hasn’t told us. The good news is that in heaven all of our desires will be fulfilled with or without animals present. 

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