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Information on adultery and how to deal with unfaithfulness in marriage.


The Lies We Believe

Authentic love is different from the perversion of love that the world promotes.


Lust In The Eyes

To cultivate lust in the heart like this is monstrous to you, to them, to everyone.

Blog Post

3 Key Lessons From A Moral Disaster | Making The Best Of A Bad Decision #16

In the wake of immoral decisions like murder or adultery, you see all kinds of devastation. Only by God’s grace can you prevent or recover from a disastrous moral failure. Pastor Lutzer discerns 3 lessons from the great sin of King David that show our need for God’s grace.   Here are all of the ways that you can follow along with 5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer: On our Podcast via iTunes and Google Podcasts On our Facebook page On our YouTube channel Transcript: Welcome to “5 Minutes with Pastor Lutzer.” I’m so glad that you joined us again today as … Read More >

Living With Your Passions Cover


Living With Your Passions

For a limited time, order the book for a donation of any amount. How To Experience Sexual WholenessIn a hyper-sexualized culture, sex is either reduced to pleasure-seeking or conflated … See More >

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