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Moody Church Hour

Building A Lasting Marriage

October 10, 2021

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While the world continues to undermine marriage, Pastor Lutzer asks us, “How can we build an enduring marriage?” What keeps a couple together for decades, surviving war, immigration, deprivation, and material want? Let’s hear about the parents of Pastor Lutzer, as he tells their story of 76 years of marriage in Canada. He lists five biblical principles that kept his parents together through thick and thin.

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Till Death Do Us Part

These messages focus on the topic of commitment in marriage, illustrating what faithfulness and integrity mean in the relationship. Because we are so easily deceived when it comes to matters of romance and marriage, Pastor Lutzer also warns us about the danger of being misled by our emotions rather than maintaining our commitment to our spouses and to God. In a world where divorce is common, these Scriptural truths are intended to bring us back to the reality of what God intended marriage to be.

This series contains 4 sermons on 2 CDs.