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Quiet Hour - Day 332

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour - November 28

He touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh in the sinew that shrank. —Genesis 32:32

Whatever it is that enables a soul, whom God designs to bless, to stand out against Him, God will touch. It may be the pride of wealth, or of influence, or of affection; but it will not be spared—God will touch it. It may be something as natural as a sinew; but if it robs a man of spiritual blessing God will touch it. It may be as small a thing as a sinew; but its influence in making a man strong in his resistance of blessing will be enough to condemn it—and God will touch it. And beneath that touch it will shrink and shrivel, and you will limp to the end of life.

Remember that the sinew never shrinks save beneath the touch of the angel hand—the touch of tender love. —F. B. Meyer

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