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Quiet Hour - Day 325

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour - November 21

I . . . heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, saying . . . Write. —Revelation 1:10, 11

It is very sweet to note that a voice from heaven said to John, “Write.” Does not that voice come to us? Are there not those who would taste the joys of heaven if we wrote them words of forgiveness and affection? Are there not others who would dry their tears if we would remind them of past joys, when we were poor as they are now? Nay, could not some, who read these plain words, place inside the envelope something bearing their signature which would make the widow’s heart dance for joy?

What is our pen doing? Is it adding joy to other men’s lives? If so, then angels may tune their harps when we sit at our desk. They are sent to minister to the heirs of salvation, and would be glad to look upon our pen as writing music for them to sing, because what we write makes their client’s joy to be full. —Thomas Champness

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