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Quiet Hour - Day 300

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour - October 27

Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth. —Hebrews 12:6

Earthly prosperity is no sign of the special love of heaven: nor are sorrow and care any mark of God’s disfavor, but the reverse. God’s love is robust, and true, and eager—not for our comfort, but for our lasting blessedness; it is bent on achieving this, and it is strong enough to bear misrepresentation and rebuke in its attempts to attune our spirits to higher music. It therefore comes instructing us. Let us enter ourselves as pupils in the school of God’s love. Let us lay aside our own notions of the course of study; let us submit ourselves to be led and taught; let us be prepared for any lessons that may be given from the blackboard of sorrow: let us be so assured of the inexhaustible tenacity of His love as to dare to trust Him, though He slay us. And let us look forward to that august moment when He will give us a reason for all life’s discipline, with a smile that shall thrill our souls with ecstasy, and constrain sorrow and sighing to flee away forever. —F. B. Meyer

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