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Quiet Hour - Day 284

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour - October 11

Behold, a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. —Genesis 28:12

Think of that mystic ladder, which descends from the throne of God to the spot, however lowly, where you may be. It may be a moorland waste; a humble cottage; a ship’s cabin; a settler’s hut; a bed of pain; but Jesus Christ finds you out, and comes just where you are. The one pole of this ladder is the gold of His deity; the other is the silver of His manhood; the rungs are the series of events from the cradle of Bethlehem to the right hand of power, where He sits. That ladder sways beneath a weight of blessing for you. Oh, that you would send away your burdens of sin, and care, and fear, by the hands of the ascending angels of prayer and faith!—so as to be able to receive into your heart the trooping angels of peace, and joy, and love, and glory. —F. B. Meyer

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