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Quiet Hour - Day 43

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour - February 12

What means these stones? —Joshua 4:21

Ye also as living stones. —1 Peter 2:5

There should be something so remarkable, so peculiar about the life and conversation of a Christian that men should be compelled to ask, “What does this mean?”…Is there anything in your character, words, and habits of life so different from the world around you that men are involuntarily compelled to ask themselves or others, “What does this mean?” Not that there is to be a forced singularity, a peculiarity for the sake of being peculiar; that were merely to copy the pharisaism of ancient days…Oh, that we might realize that this is the purpose for which God sends us into the world, as He sent His only begotten Son! —S. A. Blackwood

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