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Question 86

Q: I have questions about Mormonism, especially in light of Mitt Romney’s comment during the 2012 campaign, “I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior.”

It sounds good, but I wonder how many Christians know that the Jesus that Romney believes in is not the Jesus of the Scriptures, but rather, that there is “another testament of Jesus Christ.”

Asked by: Betty, Illinois

A: Betty, you’re absolutely right. I hope everyone realizes that. When Mormons speak of Jesus Christ, they’re not talking about the same Jesus that Christians believe in.

They are talking about a Jesus who is a brother of Lucifer, for example.

Furthermore, people need to understand that Mormonism has many occult teachings. It teaches for example, the deity of man, “as man is, God once was” and then I think the quote continues, ”as God now is, so man will be.” That’s occultism.

At the root of false religion always, is the deification of man. Bottom line: You have to understand that there are some people who use the same terminology that we do, but they mean something very different.

My best advice to people: go into a bookstore, find a book about Mormonism and study and discover what they really believe. It isn’t Christianity.

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