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Question 85

Q: I listened to your message on the “Tears of Christ” and felt such heaviness for my own sins that I had to write.

My life is miserable right now. My husband left me five years ago—after 25 years of marriage. He didn’t leave for someone else; he just had many unresolved problems from abuse and damaged emotions that happened before we were married. But now this divorce has ruined everything I’ve ever dreamed of having.

I’ve shed so many tears that I don’t think I have any left. I don’t want to live anymore. I want forgiveness, and then I want God to take me home.

Is there any hope for a lonely, helpless, worthless, broken-hearted wife and mother?

I know God hears and God sees, and God is not pleased with me. I need healing from a never-should-have-happened marriage.

Asked by: Carlene, Indiana

A: My dear sister, I hope that I can help you today, because obviously you are very despondent and you wonder where to turn.

Could I remind you of the promises of God that He will never leave you nor forsake you?

Could I remind you of the fact that sometimes God uses even the bitter experience of divorce to help us to get on with the business of sanctification, namely Christ-likeness?

Could I remind you that you are absolutely wrong when you say that you are worthless? In God’s sight, you have been purchased at high cost.

You are listening to lies that come from Satan and that come from yourself due to your despair. You’re not listening to what God says about you. Please keep all of these things in mind and grasp the promises of God. Let me make a suggestion to help you. It would be wonderful if you were to read five psalms a day. If you look at the psalms of David, especially, you’ll see that he, too goes into the depths of despair. But, you’ll notice, that he always comes out with praise.

You’ll get to a psalm, like Psalm 32, “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.” My sister, let me tell you, you don’t have to weep in order to receive God’s forgiveness. Weeping is good oftentimes. It shows that we do have remorse for our sins. But it’s not our tears, it’s not even our remorse, that forgives us. It’s all God’s grace. Receive it; rejoice as to who you are in Jesus. And let God continue to do His work in your life, making you like Jesus: full of faith, full of the Holy Spirit, and filled with the fruits of the spirit. God bless you.

Scripture references

  • Psalms 32

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