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Question 68

Q: How can I understand the Qur’an without reading it from cover to cover?

Asked by: Horst

A: Well Horst, I encourage you to read the Qur’an from cover to cover because it will give you an understanding of the Islamic religion.

But I need to say that it’s very difficult, I’ve tried to do that. The Qur’an is not systematically organized, so you go from topic to topic, and they don’t follow a coherent pattern. But nonetheless, all is not lost.

There are some excellent books on Islam that will give you the essence of the Qur’an. I’ve decided not to list any of these books, because the moment I do that, there are so many others out there that I may miss. Let me encourage you, Horst, go into a bookstore and spend some time browsing around. I’m sure that there are five, or six, or a dozen different books, any of which would be a great help to you to understand the Islamic faith and the Qur’an. And in doing this, you’ll have a better handle on the beliefs of the Muslims.

I might say that my own book, Slandering Jesus, deals with just a sliver of the Qur’an, just the part that denies that Jesus died on the cross. To me, I think that this is pivotal because the death of Jesus Christ is central to Christianity. But regardless, become acquainted with the Muslim faith, do all that you possibly can, and there are plenty of helps out there that can be of great benefit.

Note: since this question was submitted, Pastor Lutzer has since released his book, The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity.

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