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Question 44

Q: My husband of 40 years died on March 26, 2006. I’m having trouble adjusting to life without him.

He was saved, so I know he’s with Jesus. What happens to you when you die? Do you actually go to be with Jesus? Can the spirits of loved ones see their families? Can they communicate with them?

Asked by: Peggy

A: Well Peggy, I just want to say first of all, that I send you my sympathy and my prayers.

It’s very difficult when you’ve loved someone and lived with them for so many years to suddenly find that you’re a widow or a widower. I’ve had people tell me that no matter how much you try to understand those who suffer grief, you still don’t know what it’s like until you have experienced it.

And yes, the spirit of your husband, if he knew Christ as Savior, is with Jesus. And when I say that your husband is with Him, I mean it’s your actual husband. Now of course, right now he’s without his permanent body. His body has gone to the grave, but it’s the real man whom you knew who—his mind, his thinking, who he is—has gone to be with the Lord.

Can he see you? Probably not. There’s nothing in the Bible to suggest that, but I’ve often speculated that if he’s interested in how you’re doing, and I’m sure that he is, he could think about asking Jesus and He would tell him.

And by the way, he loves you with the same love that he had on Earth, only more so, because he’s not going to know less than he did when he was on Earth, nor is he going to love less.

Now about communicating with them. Very simply: No. There can be no communication between you and him. In fact, if you were to seek to connect with him, you would be entering the world of what is called spiritism, which must be shunned.

You’re going to have to wait until you go to heaven and join him, at that time, the Bible says, we should be all together with the Lord. You will know him, and he will know you. And if you should remarry, that will not cause any problems because Jesus made it clear that the order of reality and relationships will have changed.

Aren’t you glad that we are all headed in the same direction? To be with our loved ones and with the Lord forever is a blessed thought. Thanks again for your question, and I pray that God will be with you in your loneliness.  

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