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Question 197

Q: Would you please prove to me from the Bible that human beings are immortal? In other words, prove to me, from the Bible, that when I die, I don’t die, but rather go to heaven. I can’t find anything that supports that idea, yet it seems to be a concept that is prevalent.

Asked by: Kalvin

A: Well Kalvin, right off the top, a couple of comments. First, I cannot prove to you that when you die you’ll go to heaven. I can prove to you that when you die you’ll go somewhere, but it may not be heaven.

From your question I have to wonder whether or not you’ve accepted the Bible, whether you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior.

In Luke 16 Jesus talked about two different places where people went. There was the rich man who went to Hades, which was a place of torment, and then there was the righteous man, by the name of Lazarus, who went to Abraham’s bosom, which really was paradise. So you will go somewhere.

When you say that the Bible does not teach immortality, I don’t know what Bible you’re reading, when you say that there’s no evidence of it. The Bible is filled with references to the afterlife. The book of Hebrews, which tells us that after death comes judgment. There’s a statement by Jesus, that He’s going away to prepare a place for His disciples. And the Apostle Paul, in the books of Philippians and Corinthians, spells out that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and how he expected to be in the Lord’s presence at death. Those are just a few examples, so you can see, it’s everywhere in the Bible.

Bottom line, when it comes to this issue, it is very important that we have faith in the judgment of somebody who actually died and came back to life. There’s only one person out there who meets that requirement, and that’s Jesus. Jesus said “I am He who liveth and was dead and am alive forevermore, amen.” Jesus had much to say about the afterlife and I suggest that you read the New Testament and find out what He had to say, and put your faith in Him.

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