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Question 174

Q: In your book The Truth about Same Sex Marriage, you discussed civil unions. I’m against same-sex marriages and the sin of practicing homosexuality, but I don’t oppose civil unions. What are your thoughts?  

Asked by: Anonymous

A: Well, thank you so much for writing about this. I find it a little troubling that you say that you recognize the sin of homosexuality and yet you don’t oppose civil unions.

In a free society, people can do pretty much whatever they please. If two homosexuals want to live together, they have the ability to do that in the United States of America. But when you talk about civil unions, you’re talking about an official recognition by the state, and that has some legal implications. As a matter of fact, civil unions turn out to be nothing more than marriage by a different name. That’s why I’m opposed both to same-sex marriages as well as civil unions. In their own private lives, people sin and can do whatever they like, so to speak. But let’s not recognize it by the state, let’s not sanction it, let’s not promote it by giving it the same status as marriage. And I believe that civil unions would do just that.

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