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Question 171

Q: In the beginning when God created the heavens and earth, which I totally believe in, where do the prehistoric ages fit into the scheme of things? 

Asked by: Tracy

A: Tracy, you’ve asked a huge question, but I’ll start by saying that I don’t believe that the Earth is nearly as old as most scientists would say that it is.

You see, I believe that when God created the Earth, He created it with the appearance of age. When He created Adam and Eve, they probably looked about 25 years old, even though they had only been created perhaps hours ago. In the very same way, Earth was created with man being able to live in it. God took the so called process of evolution and sped it up. And in a moment of time, He created the Earth, full-blown. Perhaps there were even stars that were a hundred thousand light years away, already shining on Earth.

In other words, I believe in what is known as a young Earth. I believe that dinosaurs lived before the flood and were extinguished by the flood. I believe, therefore, that anything that is prehistoric, as it’s called, can be explained within the framework of the first and second chapters of Genesis.

It’s a long story, but thanks for asking, and isn’t it wonderful to believe in a God who actually does create.

Scripture references

  • Genesis

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